Web Design & Marketing
     When I design, I try to keep the three words of my mantra in mind...Fluid, Personal and Fresh. To me, these words describe what I believe every website should be. The website should change and flow with the needs of the business and the user. The website should make a connection to people, beyond that of a simple purchase or form submission. And finally, the website should have unique, high quality content and a design that uses the latest supported technologies.
     I design using standardized technologies such as XHTML, HTML5, CSS, Javascript (with and without JQuery), PHP and Perl. I try to steer clear of unsupported technologies, such as Flash, but am capable of using these technologies if the project demands it.
     When marketing a website, I typically try to gear each page around 2 keyword phrases (at most). These phrases are niche words from your industry that will help your site have a realistic chance of competing in the search engine listings. For more immediate ranking, pay-per-click management is typically used to drive initial traffic to the site.
     The Web is constantly changing, as are the devices we use to view it. I will help your brand stay competitive in the online chaos that is the World Wide Web.